Columbia’s Chester Kuttner Foundation was founded in 1994 by LaVerne Kuttner and Reese Elledge to honor the memory of Chester Kuttner and to share and promote Chester’s love and devotion to sailing.

To that end, the Foundation’s mission was set to foster, encourage and support competitive sailing on a local, regional and national level, and to advance the education and training of youth in the sport of sailing.

The foundation chose to target the students from the Chicago Public School System and in particular, those children who showed an interest in the sport but not the financial ability to participate on their own.

If you are a sailor you are keenly aware of the skills required to handle the varying wind and sea conditions, as well as the knowledge needed about the boats themselves.  The Foundation believes that experience will not only add weeks of fun and enjoyment for the students, but also a new skill set that will hopefully bring them success in all their endeavors throughout their lives.

    Making Sailing Education Accessible to Chicago’s Youth.

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